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Voyage GMT

Fusing a modern and classical design

In 2023 we will release our first automatic GMT watch, the Voyage GMT. With a blend of classical and modern design language we´ve tried to create something that would ressonate with traveling and exploration of yesteryears.

As the Voyage GMT is still under development, we are going to wait some before we lay out all the technical details.

We´ve oppened for a preorder reservation on this model. Being part of the list also guarantees a spot amongst the Premieré Voyage recipients - which will be get a unique and deeper watch buying experience.


redesigned and relaunched

We´re excited to share that our premiere model, the CMXI will be reborn in 2023 - as a automatic watch at around 40mm. Sporting a lot of nice new details, while keeping the soul that is the CMXI.

We have opened for non binding/non cost reservations of the new CMXI.

The Coachbuilder

a bronze toolwatch with an automotive spirit

In 2022 we first showed our Coachbuilder prototype; A bronze chronograph powered by the legendary ETA 7750 movement. The watch features a range of automotive details and spesifically with the artisan handcraft that excited in the early 1900s. The watch is paired with a unqiue nogap rubber strap, and on the back you will find beautiful  open caseback, displaying the custom gold rotor against the intruging chronograph movement.

Our legacy

DeSanders tries to make watches that has a genuine spirit, being as much inspired by our own inspration as possible. We love the feeling that vintage travel through both recreation and a proper journey gives, and have tried destilling this essence into our watches. 

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