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Celebrating the first year since we launched our Voyage GMT series we´re very proud to finally show you our limited edition Black Pearl, a pirate themed watch filled with subtle outlaw seafarer elements.

Delivery Oct/Nov 2024


All custom elements will be unqiue to this series, and not be reused in any future editions.


Color wise we´re playing with black DLC and rose gold plating, a combination we really feel gives it a rougher look.

Case size 40mm, sapphire crystal glass and 100m water ressistance.

Globe and GMT

The central 3D map will feature a black ocean and an unique "treasure island" map.

Circling around the globe is the custom sail ship GMT pointer, combined with a GMT ring with a twist.

Caseback and rotor

The watch will feature a glass display caseback, with a custom rotor. (Revealed at a later date)


The watches will of course come in it´s own custom made Black Pearl watch boxes.


All watches come with a total of 3 straps:

  • Black leather with aligator pattern
  • Black rubber strap
  • Black leather with coarse pattern and contrast thread.

Pirate symbols and nr edtions

The watches are numbered starting with the death of the most famous pirate of all - Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, in 1718, up until the present year of 2024. Making it a total of 307 watches.

The watch also features other pirate themed symbols/gems for the owners to explore.


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